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Recording Reviews:

Paul Wertico - Paul Wertico's Drums Without Boundaries

Paul Wertico Trio - Letter from Rome

Paul Wertico | John Helliwell Project - The Bari Session

Wertico Cain & Gray - Windows Of Time

Paul Wertico/John Helliwell Project - Live Under Italian Skies

Gianmarco Scaglia & Paul Wertico Quartet - Dynamics In Meditation

Paul Wertico Trio - First Date

Wertico Cain & Gray - Without Compromise

Wertico Cain & Gray - AfterLive

Wertico Cain & Gray - Short Cuts - 40 Improvisations

Wertico Cain & Gray - Realization

Wertico Cain & Gray - Organic Architecture

Wertico Cain & Gray - Out In SPACE

Wertico Cain & Gray - Sound Portraits

Paul Wertico & Frank Catalano - Topics Of Conversation

Fabrizio Mocata, Gianmarco Scaglia & Paul Wertico - Free The Opera!

David Cain & Paul Wertico - Feast For The Senses

Paul Wertico's Mid-East/Mid-West Alliance - Impressions Of A City

Silvano Monasterios / Mark Egan / Paul Wertico - Jazz Impressions 1

Brian Peters & Paul Wertico - Ampersand

Paul Wertico Trio - Another Side

WERTICO - StereoNucleosis

Paul Wertico Trio - Don't Be Scared Anymore

Paul Wertico Trio - Live In Warsaw!

Paul Wertico - The Yin And The Yout

Paul Wertico & Gregg Bendian - BANG!

Derek Bailey, Pat Metheny, Gregg Bendian & Paul Wertico - The Sign Of 4

Earwax Control - Number Two Live (previouly 2 LIVE)

Earwax Control - Earwax Control

Laurence Hobgood, Brian Torff & Paul Wertico - Union

Laurence Hobgood, Brian Torff & Paul Wertico - State Of The Union

Spontaneous Composition - Spontaneous Composition

Video Reviews:

Paul Wertico - Paul Wertico's Drum Philosophy

Paul Wertico - Fine Tuning Your Performance

Paul Wertico's Mid-East/Mid-West Alliance - Live From SPACE

Book Reviews:


Performance Reviews:

As Leader & Co-Leader

As A Sideman


You are here: Home > Reviews