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Paul Wertico - Fine Tuning Your Performance


Drum Tracks

The video opens with a concert clip of featured artist Paul Wertico performing with the Pat Metheny Group. Next the video focuses in on a live clinic that Paul did for George's Music. The video is subdivided into specific areas such as Metronome Use, The Countoff, Feeling the Downbeat, Building Momentum and others. Paul gives practical and specific examples, tips and approaches to enhancing your performance and posture as a drummer. Throughout the video there is a tablature to support material covered by Paul during the clinic. The main focus of the video is to understand what's going on when you are playing with a band. The use of a metronome to "lock in" your timing is essential in getting quality work as a player. Discovering the "inner clock" and learning to hear the subtle differences between playing in time and out of time is important. Many drummers play unintentionally behind or in front of the beat. In addition their playing is erratic and without a center. When there is a focused center a player can then flirt with the feel and spacing of the beats. That is to say the player is in control playing behind or ahead of the beat, but not losing sight of the center timing, the "inner clock". How you sit, breathe, feel, look and what you are thinking about all effect your playing. Paul discusses these areas in depth. Consistency in breathing from grooves to fills, concerning yourself with the now, not thinking of the mistake you made a minute ago and having your present playing suffer for it. Throughout the video these examples and others like it are offered and supported by practical association to playing with a band. In this video Paul addresses an array of fundamental components necessary for good playing habits. He has the ability to articulately impart them and deliver them onto the video. All levels of students can benefit from this notably educational video. More drummers need to understand concepts behind playing musically. There is no room for "overkill" in playing with a band, the end result is always to make music, the drummer is not the only musician on stage. Each musician does not get paid for how many notes he or she can cram in, so it's important to understand where and how you as a drummer fit into the particular playing situation you are in. Forward and instructional, this video is a must for all students of the instrument.

Modern Drummer

This is an instructional video from Paul Wertico, drummer with the Pat Metheny Group. Basically, it's a videotape of a drum clinic, with an occasional computer graphic or concert footage shot (with Metheny) thrown in to help illustrate a point. Wertico covers some very good topics. Wertico discusses topics such as timekeeping, soloing, dynamics, and working with a band, as well as some general practice tips. Paul definitely covers these concepts extremely well, and is very open and honest about what he is trying to say. He also demonstates most of his topics on the drums. However, there is more talking than actual playing. In an earnest attempt to cover the material completely, Wertico tends to go on a bit about each point; the video's running time of two hours could have been shortened with proper editing. In general, though, Paul makes some extremely good points that could be helpful to most drummers. The video does contain a few annoying technical problems. First of all, the sound quality is inconsistent. When Wertico is speaking, he is heard, but when someone in the audience asks a question, it sometimes cannot be heard clearly. Also, the drum sound is not very good. It can be difficult to hear specific things he is playing. However, even with these few technical problems, the information on this tape is very educational.

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You are here: Home > Reviews > Paul Wertico - Fine Tuning Your Performance