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Paul Wertico - The Yin And The Yout


Voted one of the Best 10 albums released in 1993! - Chicago Sun-Times

Chicago Sun-Times

The Yin And The Yout radiates a deeper soulfulness and sense of "fusionizes" styles ranging from traditional Peruvian music to free jazz without losing sight of the sensibility that unifies them. It also means this impressive first album is hardly going to be the last. One of the year's best fusion albums.


His tasty accompaniment has always suggested a deeper musical sensibility than most drummers possess, and now with the release of his first solo album, Wertico affirms all expectations. True to his style, Wertico checks his ego at the door and plays for the ensemble, never once intruding on the integrity of the arrangement. His beauty lies in the webs of rhythm that he sets up, orchestrating various cymbal and drum sounds in understated linear patterns...It's sweet.


Exotic textures, polyrhythms, and sound ideas mark this debut solo recording from Metheny band drummer Paul Wertico. Instead of a chops-oriented affair, what we get with The Yin And The Yout is more folky, down-home, people music. - Four Stars!

Island Voice

...let me tell you that The Yin And The Yout is an incredible debut effort. If you, like me, are into music that, no matter how many times you listen to it you're constantly hearing something new, then The Yin And The Yout is a must-own. - Four Stars!


A different drummer, Paul Wertico invariably wears the imprimatur of being the drummer for the Pat Metheny Group, but he has some solos ideas worth checking out, as on his recent album, The Yin And The Yout. Never one to stick slavishly to a specific genre, Wertico guides a fresh- sounding and unpretentiously experimental set of ideas, swerving freely from world music models - as on the album's seductive opening cut, "Peruvian Folk Song" - to percussion/synthesizer tone paintings. In honor of Maestro Roach, Wertico plays an electronic drum solo entitled "The Max Factor", more tasteful and textural than admirably mixed bag of a project.

The New Review Of Records

This Pat Metheny Group sideman gives us a taste of his own material. Renowned as an excellent and tasteful drummer, Wertico has quite a range of musical interests. Three tunes are very influenced by ethnic styles, while a couple of short compositions are almost completely electronic, sequenced synthesizer works with only a touch of acoustic percussion. A consistently interesting work, "Yin" reveals a new facet of Wertico's talent beyond percussion.

L.A. Jazz Scene

Paul Wertico is best-known as drummer with the Pat Metheny Group but, as his Intuition CD shows, he has interests in a wide variety of of music. This is an impressive effort that grows in interest with each listen.

All-Music Guide

Paul Wertico displays his wide musical tastes on this interesting CD. Assisted by such talented friends as soprano-saxophonist David Liebman, Bob Mintzer on tenor, pianist Richie Beirach and bassists Dave Holland and Victor Bailey along with many other jazz and world music players, Wertico explores originals that range from eerie vamps and poppish grooves to odd sound explorations and more straightahead structures. The leader mostly stays in the background except for his tribute to Max Roach ("The Max Factor") and he is content to push the lead voices. This impressive effort grows in interest with each listen.

Tipp Siegerland (Germany)

Paul Wertico has a great feeling for rhythmic drumming...with the help of various musicians...he is developing his own sound apart from Pat Metheny's music...a great, convincing album.

Domspatz (Germany)

Wonderful Ethno Jazz...a very intelligent album...Paul definitely has fun experimenting with jazz...just great for my ears.

Fachblatt (Germany)

A very happy album...folk elements are mixed with jazz improvisations and ethno sound.

Stereoplay (Germany)

Great musicians...The Yin And The Yout is the light in a tunnel full of fusion music...Highlights: "Peruvian Folk Song," "Dance Of The Hunters," "The Max Factor"

Saarlouiser Rundschau (Germany)

Everybody expected the versatile drummer to try a solo it is...a wide open fusion between jazz, rock, folk, and Afro-beat...all musicians participating give tasty spices...the electronic percussion homage to Max Roach is an important part of this highly versatile album...very explosive stuff...Not bad, Mr. Wertico!

Batteur (France)

In the Pat Metheny Group's music, Wertico shows rare musicality and unique cymbal he's a leader with multiple sides to his talent...the choice of musicians on the record allows Wertico to have a diverse album...the qualities of the drummer include vitality, a pure groove, architecture of rhythm, clearity of touch, melodic cymbals, and beautiful utilization of electronics.

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