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Earwax Control - Earwax Control



This is one of those strange albums that dares you to categorize the music. It's a little-bit rock, a little-bit "free" jazz, a little-bit blues, and a whole lot of weird. All the music is improvised which explains the disjointed feeling. Also, the selections were recorded over a long period of time so the listener gets an interesting look into the development of the band. "Dogshit Blues" comes from the 1977 sessions and its an odd conglomeration of "acid" guitar, flailing drums, and screeching vocals. "Camp 45" is one of the newer cuts - the humor is more subdued, although the vocals sound like they're coming over the camp P.A. used in "M.A.S.H." "Let's Mecca Deal" features a corny, sitar-like, guitar solo (played with the tinniest Fender guitar sound) mingled with what could be a shenai (Indian reed instrument). Some of the mellower pieces remind me of the music that the British "Art-Rock" band, Hatfield & The North, produced in the mid-'70s. Earwax Control runs the gamut of expressions and they do it with their tongues ensconced firmly in their cheeks.

Rock It

An intriguing array of material from this Illinois trio, ranging from campy lounge jazz to searing psychedelia, spiced with a healthy dose of humor. Innovative rhythms are combined with wild improvisational melodies, illustrated by a top-notch production. Truly an inspired effort.

Midwest Record Recap

The jamming of Mssers. Wertico, Czech and James in tier of hours is what's captured here. Some material, dating back to '77 allow you to see how these in demand players got to be the hotshots they are. Somewhat not intended as a commercial session, these tracks are brimming with what happens when artists are allowed to run wild and show they can handle the responsibility. A jazz date in the truest sense, this is alot of fun. Check it out.

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