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Wertico Cain & Gray - AfterLive


Modern Drummer

Now Wertico has been involved with numerous high-level projects and released many albums as both a sideman and a leader. AfterLive, the latest release by the trio Wertico, Cain, and Gray, involves an improvised performance—"one hundred percent made up on the spot," Paul is quick to point out. Truly open ended in their thinking, Wertico, David Cain (sax, voice, keys), and Larry Gray (bass, cello, flute) mix a range of styles and sounds both acoustic and electronic, referencing everything from art rock to free jazz. Wertico can be heard creating and navigating textures, playing with drive and spontaneity, and keeping the performance fresh—never an easy feat in completely on-the-spot composition/performance situations. "You don't want to be boring, or vague, or just noodle," Wertico says. "You've really got to come up with the goods."

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You are here: Home > Reviews > Wertico Cain & Gray - AfterLive