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"Paul Wertico's Drum Philosophy"


Modern Drummer

Paul Wertico is a natural teacher who with ease imparts the priceless knowledge he's accumulated with jazz giant Pat Metheny and numerous other projects. On "Sound Work Of Drumming" Wertico discusses the basic theories behind his drumming, then adapts to those specific pieces, played here by his quintet. He spends a good amount of time explaining what he did on each section of the arrangements, getting right to their musicality. Among his methods: approaching each song with a clean slate, taking chances, being spontaneous, and recognizing the importance of every musical moment. Wertico goes on to share useful ideas about feel, time, and practice, and talks about employing unusual cymbal combinations - even playing "Time Impulse" with a pair of knitting needles (for a "mischievous" sound). So many of Wertico's obsessions have to do with sound, it's charming to see him brought to a halt later in the film by a buzzing wingnut and a squeaky throne. This inspiring video gets to why Paul Wertico plays music - a worthy endeavor to be sure.

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You are here: Home > Reviews > Paul Wertico's Drum Philosophy