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Percussion Profiles

By Michael Bettine & Trevor Taylor

The new book "Percussion Profiles" by Michael Bettine and Trevor Taylor features interviews, articles and discographies of 25 of the world's most creative percussionists: Gregg Bendian, Paul Burwell, Paul Clarvis, Alex Cline, Ensemble Bash, Pierre Favre, Evelyn Glennie, Fritz Hauser, Gerry Hemmingway, Steve Hubback, Terje Isungset, Shannon Jackson, Le Quan Ninh, Paul Lytton, Marilyn Mazur, Paul Motian, Gunter Muller, Tony Oxley, Frank Perry, Gino Robair, Robyn Schulkowsky, Gunter Sommer, Fredy Studer, Dirk Wachtelaer and Paul Wertico. (Includes a free CD!) Published in the United Kingdom by Soundworld Publishers. Available from FMR Records.

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Also available: PERCUSSION PROFILES (FMR CD 74) The first of two planned CD's based around the new book about 25 of the world's leading and most dynamic percussionists. This first CD presents all solo material, much recorded specially for the CD and introduces 13 of the world's most creative players such as Marilyn Mazur, Pierre Favre, Le Quan Ninh, Robyn Schulkowsky, Fritz Hauser, Gregg Bendian, Paul Burwell, Alex Cline, Paul Lytton, Steve Hubback, Frank Perry, Gino Robair, Fredy Studer and Dirk Wachtelaer.

You are here: Home > Articles > Percussion Profiles